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CANHOR, S.L. It is a company of the Actyon group dedicated to spread, compacted and vibrated concrete slabs roller and vertical walls with slopes up to 70 °. The length of the vibrator roller is variable depending on the width of the opening to be concreted, normally these rollers and vibrating screeds have lengths between 2 and 8 meters, approximately.

After years of experience in implementing traditional channels concrete paving method using rotating roller, CANHOR makers saw the need to develop a specific technology for this work to allow the vibrated concrete, proper positioning machines inaccessible channels, and improve the compacting and smoothing of the surface finish, missing elements in the traditional method used so far.

Besides a priority in the development of the machine it was to ensure the safety of workers, preventing any operator positioning in the field of machine work.

Working on this line the CANHOR machine was designed with highly satisfactory results in the ends sought. This machine works in the field of trapezoidal or semicircular channel section, achieving quality results and high performance finish channel allows you to be very competitive in implementing them.

CANHOR works with own staff with extensive experience in previous work placement teachers, in the pouring of concrete, etc., and specialized in managing our machinery.

With these bases, CANHOR been working on the implementation of channels with leading companies

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